There's a fan theory that I subscribe to that for every paranormal alien/monster/whathaveyou case they go on, there's 10 they go on where it turns out Scully is right and everything is more or less normal and explained.

They just don't show those cases on tv.

I love that theory and it can be applied to most tv shows.

We only get to see the interesting bits, the boring day to say stuff isn't really seen at all.

We got a glimpse of that in the episode (can't recall title ), where Mulder keeps repeating the same day.

He was going about normal, boring business and a got a glimpse because wierd shit started happening. But he does go to the bank, and they have boring meetings, they're just boring.

Her science often saves them, like when they get stuck on that ship in the ice and have to drink tuna can juice. Her scientific medical log of that trip helped the doctors treat their weird as hell symptoms. She basically keeps them alive.

Several MOTW were solved or lead to add'l motives/clues by Scully's background in science and medicine and it has saved them in many situations.

Definitely the paranormal and intangible cases (such as telekinesis or spirits) are harder to solve. But "monsters" with mutations, physical abnormalities she could crack through. She was a whiz... didn't really need to go back to a reference book. She just rattled off some chemistry jargon and it helped the case along.

When you get to the T1000 years, isn't she right because Dogget is now the skeptic? For example, coincidentally, she thinks someone is a metal man and Dogget tells her that kind of thing only happens in movies. Then it turns out he was indeed a metal man.