My wedding was beautiful and it was an amazing event to share with my husband, but it was a sad spot to not have a big social group there. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not a terribly social person and prefer to have a couple of close friends only.

The wedding was literally the only time it bothered me, and that night was about us committing to each other. It's easy to get caught up in the party and having a row of lovely friends as bridesmaids, and tables of college friends reminiscing about your past, and photos of a big crowd celebrating.

You'll remember your wedding as being a really intimate event with people very close to you, and it will be awesome.

Basically, his family was just closer (both geographically and in tightness) and he grew up with 6 of his cousins in the city where we got married. My extended family was more spread out and in somewhat less favorable financial position. But I honestly was never that close to any of them.

And his cousins have always been wonderful to me.

Even now remarried.

Here is what I learned. Don't worry about it too much....I know you feel kind of left out, since you won't have any to invite, but look on the bright side:

  • Less guests = cheaper wedding! You still have your family to accommodate, and weddings by themselves are expensive enough. I don't have many friends myself and doubt I'll be inviting them to my family is too huge, it would bankrupt me. I also want to eliminate all of the bridesmaids except the maid of honor, who would be my sister. With less guests, you'll save on EVERYTHING all around....less invitations to make, smaller reception costs, you won't have to deal with picking dresses for bridesmaids that look good on everyone, don't have to buy them flowers for the aisle, etc.
  • Less guests = less drama; especially if you are worried that inviting non-close friends would lead them to feel awkward or judge you. You don't need that at your wedding! Weddings are stressful enough without that shit. You'll be much happier with the more intimate affair of people whom you truly like having around.